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Mica heating element

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • The heater adopts mica as framework and insulating barrier, supported by metal materials,
  • such as stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, to make various shape of heater, for example flat, sheet, rounds, cylindrical, squareness and more
  • Application:
    • Household appliances: rice cookers, hair dryer, electric heating, dishwasher, bread and other household drying equipment
    • Office equipment: lamination, copier and printer
    • Industrial and agricultural heating equipment: mold heating, injection molding machines
    • hot air guns and other heating and drying equipment
  • Shell of support materials:
    • White mica: 540℃ to 1,000℉
    • Gold mica: 750℃ to 1,380℉
    • Maximum watt densities: 10 to 13W/cm2
    • Maximum working temperatures: 65 to 84W/in2