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Established in 2016, Xiamen Winsun Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing and sales of heating elements for home appliances, electronic tools and electronic toys. Our products inculding : Mica heater , PTC heater, Heating film, Heating tube, Heating cable, and Heating frame.and suitable for the use of car rear-view mirror mist-cleaning , bathroom mirror defogging, quilt warming, refrigerator de-frosting, electronic thermo flask, seat cushion warming, etc. for warming and de-fogging products. 

The company has an advanced, automatic, digital-control coiling machine, precision testing equipment and can make independent designs of various special coiling machines with major products of electro-thermal elements for home appliances, medical and health equipment, electronic tools.



  • Product category:
    heating products, Flexible Heaters, electric heater, heating blankets, custom made heater, etc.
  • Business concepts:
    Honest, Quality, Professional, responsibility, service first.
  • Management principle:
    professional OEM, ODM, we have the one who doesn’t have, we perfect your products!
  • Purpose of operation :
    energy saving, creating high efficiency products, let you now touch the Technology of tomorrow.
  • Enterprise Mission:
    From components to the finished goods, we promise proving.