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PTC carbon Flexible Heating film

Input voltage:  12V

Initial resistance: 131-160Ω,standard resistance 144Ω

Power: 1.0W±10%

high voltage resistance: ≥500Vac/5mA/2s

Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ500Vdc

The effect of stripping force: ≥2Kgf/1min



2.Lead`s core is UL1332,28# Black teflon wire,length of line is 165mm,Play twist after welding

3.The back with 3M467MP Double-sided adhesive

4.With natural lake 12505HS-02 connector and 12505TS terminals

5.Printing EP07-001157A 12V1W 201632W(Product Model. Operating Voltage.Power.Production YYWW)