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1. About Sample Offer
    Can we get the sample from you?
  Sure we provide the samples for clients’ checking. The policy is clients pay for the sample fee in FOB base and burden the delivery cost which means we send the sample in “collect” base.

(1) For small amount, clients don’t need to pay for the sample in advance. The amount will be added on the next new order placed by clients and pay together.
(2) For delivery, the best and fastest way is to send the sample in "collect" base which clients need to provide their air courier account number to us.

Just simply provide your air courier account number, for example, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, and we will arrange the sample sending ASAP


2. About Payment Term

    What's the payment term?

By T/T in Advance, or Irrevocable L/C at Sight


3. About Cost Types

    What costs do we have to pay for making business with heatact?
  • Quotation: the price sheet will be provided within 24 hours after receiving the inquiries from clients.
  • Sample Fee: the sample fee will be charged especially for the custom design items.
  • Tooling Charge: for the item which is not included in our standard line, and the tool/mold is required, the cost will be charged on clients’. No matter for the sample or normal order, the tooling/molding charge need to be paid in advance before starting the production.


4. About Lead Time
  What's the lead time after placing the order?
  Usually, it takes about 30 days  after we received your confirmation. However, it would depends on our production line schedule (the timing clients place order) and the complication of the item


5. About Delivery Term
  1. What's the delivery term for making business with WINSUN?
  Usually, we send the shipments in FOB term. However, the terms of CIF and C&F are acceptable which depends on the preference of clients.


1. What is the correct voltage for this heater?

Standard heaters are specified by resistance, not voltage. This lets you operate them at different power levels. In selecting a heater model you should consider the size, resistance, operating temperature, total wattage and watt density (watts/in2 or watts/cm2) for your application. The watt density rather than the total wattage determines the maximum applied voltage. Maximum watt density depends on the insulation type, mounting method and operating temperature. See the graphs of these limits below.

Polyimide Heaters

Polyimide Heater Watt Density Chart

All-Polyimide Heaters

All-Polyimide Watt Density Chart

Silicone Rubber Foil

Silicone Rubber Foil Watt Density Charts

Silicone Rubber Wire-Wound

 Silicone Rubber Watt Denisty Chart

Mica Heaters

Mica Heaters Watt Density Chart 

Thermal-Clear Transparent Heaters

Thermal Clear Watt Density Chart