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ITO Transparent Film Heating Element

Voltage: AC/DC 1-1000V
Wattage: available for more than 0.1w
The maximum temperature: 120 ℃


  • The visible transparency is up to 85%, higher than that of traditional glass.
  • No harmful effects from glare. When attached to a screen, the transparent film heating element [maintains] a good image quality.
  • Lightweight and ultra thin. Heats up quickly and evenly, can reach the temperature (50℃) as set, and withstand a temperature up to 120℃.
  • It can be self adhesive, is space-saving, and is easy and convenient to operate.
  • Any dimension, specification or shape can be developed and customized as per the requirements of customers.
  • Voltage can be set from 1.5V to 380V for design and production.